The below reviews are a combination of in office reviews provided in writing and online reviews .

"Where do I start? I had neck pain, mid back pain, lower back pain, dizziness, and numbness and pain down one leg. At 36 this was unacceptable! Regular visits with Dr. Dax have relieved all of my symptoms and I can sure tell when its time for my next visit. Relief is lasting progressively longer and I feel great!" Heather R.

Having never had the services of a chiropractor before and being a little skeptical I ventured with the world of chiropractic neurology. I not only have been helped very much but have learned much more. (Shows you are never too old to learn as I will soon turn 82). I suffered over a month with a lot of pain in the shoulder area. That shoulder is now pain free with no limitations as to range of motion. We are no working on the hip area which has caused me trouble over the years. I have seen improvement in just a few treatments. My lower back has some deterioration so this is taken into consideration with the treatment. Now having some knowledge of this profession I would not hesitate to recommend other to learn and be helped as I have been. Mariellen B.

For many years I have had pain and stiffness in my upper left back and shoulder area. More recently my lower back began to be painful also. Today after receiving chiropractic care for about one month my lower back is feeling great and my upper area is greatly improved. I think I had vecome so adapted to liveing with back issues, I forgot what a health back should feel like. I feel better and it is easier to live the active lifestyle I prefer to have now that life is less painful. Sarah P.

So far I can work longer before any or little pain exists. I don't rush home to lay down at night. I have less headaches and slightly more energy. - Brittany G.

"If you are a first time visitor you need to read this!! This has been my first experience with chiropractic care and I am pleased with the results. I was involved in an accident and it was not easy and I was in pain and discomfort all the time. What Dr. Sirucek has done for me has impacted my everyday life. I will recommend Dr. Sirucek to anyone I know. -Ivan C.

My experience so far has been interesting. I liked the x-rays that showed the curve of my neck and what needed to be done. I love the machine that we lay on and it makes me feel good as it goes up and down my body. I like the one to one time that we can discuss our treatments with the doctor and not feel rushed. The supplements have been wonderful. UPDATE - My neck has stayed with out pain longer than it ever has. Dr. Sirucek's treatments plus the supplement has helped a lot. My knee was being very painful and the treatments plus the supplement took away the pain TOTALLY. It's great!

-E. Clarice R.

My hands were going numb. My doctor wanted to send me to a hand specialist. Instead I chose to give Dr. Sirucek a try. He gave me exercises to do and adjusts me one a week. My hands are no longer numb and I'm feeling much better overall. Carolyn S.

Dr. Sirucek has been a very positive experience for me! My pain level has gone from a 6 to a 3. I'm very happy that I came here. I would recommend anyone with pain to experience the relief that I received. John M.

If you had told me two months ago that I could be practically migraine free (without Rx drugs) I never would have believed you. And honestly, I didn't really believe Dr. Sirucek when she told me... Now I believe! I suffered so long and took so many pills that I came here really out of desperation. I was worried about my health and was running out of options. But with the help of Dr. Sirucek's chiropractic adjustments as well as nutritional advice I now feel in control of my migraines. In one months time I went from having daily headaches to having them once every week or two. And much healthier now that i'm not dealing with all the side effects of Rx drugs! Thank you Dr. Sirucek. - Cynthia P.

Dr. Sirucek has helped me so much. His knowledge of how to help reduce pain is amazing. I have had incredible results in a very short time.

-Lori A.

These two have been helping my family for years. I am getting great help from car crash injuries, my wife with multiple scenarios and my kids for wellness. I can't say enough about their knowledge, skill, services, and character. Thanks Dr. Dax and Dr. Maria! - Greg S.

I have spondylolisthesis and Dr. Dax has helped me get through some of the rough days! I get at least some relief coming here where I was getting none at the physical therapist. Highly recommend him to everyone I know! Affordable and friendly! -Nichole C.

I had been having headaches pretty much constantly for YEARS. It was so common I didn't even think about how much of a problem it could be. Dr. Dax has been adjusting me for almost 6 months, 1 month in I woke up and started crying because I was pain free for the first time in such a long time. I trust him share his expertise and only recommend the best course of action for me. I would recommend Sirucek Chiropractic to anyone with pain , posture problems, or pregnancy related back problems. -Diamond S.